PC Speed Up Free

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with no strings attached

Are you tired of "free" programs that instead of making your computer faster, will clutter your PC and install ton of junk software?

PC Speed Up FREE is a powerful PC optimizer that not only comes free of toolbars and other junk but actively protects your system from getting them accidentally installed.

MS Windows logo XP/Vista/7/8/10


  • Startup Manager

    Powerful startup manager will help you manage applications that start during the Windows boot time. Startup Manager is linked to our cloud service which uses data from all our users to help you decide which applications are useful to keep starting and which are not.

  • Toolbar Remover

    Toolbar Cleaner feature enables you to get rid of any toolbars that have slipped your attention and are slowing down your internet browsing.

  • Toolbar Blocker

    Very often when you download software or any files from the internet, you get the file wrapped with download managers. These programs offer you additional software to install which you have not requested before the download. Toolbar Blocker monitors silent installations of 3rd party products and builds a comprehensive database of all software that are installed without explict content (opt-in) from the user.

  • Startup History

    PC Speed Up FREE monitors your startup time performance and shows charts that help you understand what is going on with your PC. Additionally, charts can also show you historical records of startup performance since the time you have reinstalled your system (not available on XP)


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